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Milena Nigam

Milena Nigam writes fiction, creative nonfiction and the occasional poem. Her work has been featured in Off Assignment, HuffPost and elsewhere, and her short story, "Switchbacks," was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. A fellow at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts and a contributor at the Sewanee Writer's Conference, Milena serves on the Board of Directors at Autumn House Press and reads for The Barcelona Review. She was recently interviewed on NPR's Here and Now, and is currently seeking representation for her first novel, set in Vienna.

Milena was born in Salt Lake City, UT; grew up in Concord, MA; and lives with her family in Pittsburgh, PA. Along the way, she's made significant stops in France, Poland, Cameroon, India, and northeastern Pennsylvania. Milena has a BA from Cornell University and an MS from Carnegie Mellon University.

Before turning to writing, Milena directed a nonprofit evaluation group serving children and families. She continues to support the nonprofit community through volunteer and board work.

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Creative nonfiction, Litro, 2023

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Short story, Prime Number Magazine, 2020

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Poetry, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2018


Short story, YARN, 2018; nominated for the 2019 Pushcart Prize

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Short story, Lunch Ticket, 2018

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Short story, Slice Magazine, 2017/2018

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Short story, Pithead Chapel, 2017


Poetry, Pittsburgh Quarterly Magazine, 2017

Lake House

Creative nonfiction, Full Grown People, 2017

What Kind of Feeling is There?

Short story, Fourth River, 2017

When a Neighbor Dies

Creative nonfiction, Lunch Ticket, 2017

Without You

Creative nonfiction, Hippocampus Magazine, 2016

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